Wednesday, May 25, 2011

surviving summer

Is it even officially Summer yet?  I don't think it is and already today it is going to reach 90 degrees!  I have been trying to compile a list of things that will help us get through this summer cool and comfortably.  Here are a few of the things Margaret and I love to chill out with...

Melissa and Doug's grub scout sprinkler
Margaret and our neighbor friends love running through this cute sprinkler.  The dogs also enjoy cooling off with this fun toy.

The lil' squirt baby pool

We love this pool/splash pad.  And it is not just for babies-toddlers and adults love it.  I enjoy it because you can watch your little ones easily (no high sided pool) and it gets just enough water to splash but not enough for parents to worry.  If you have a little one who is not crazy about being submerged in the pool this toy is great.  I also love it to cool myself off with the tikes!

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
Zoku quick pop maker

OK, we don't actually have this as it is a bit pricey.  But it is on my wish list!  It makes popsicles in 7-9 minutes!  How great is that!!  I want to start making icy treats for Margaret using Kefir and fruit puree, and herbal fruit tea pops this summer.  This tool would make it quick and easy!

Strawberry Vanilla Red Tea Bags
Little Citizens' Herbal teas
your local grocery store or

Skip the sugary juice!  If your little one isn't crazy about water or is around friends or cousins who are allowed juice- try an herbal naturally decaffeinated, sugar free fruit tea instead.  Pour it over ice and they will drink it up! Freeze it in the above mentioned ice pop maker and they will have a cool sugar free treat.
I Play Ultimate Ruffle Swim Diaper
I Play swim diapers
$12.00-$13.00 or locally I get them at Swaddle in downtown Homewood

Not only are these swim diapers reusable and work wonderfully they come in the cutest fabrics for boys and girls.  They also have a built in SPF 50+.  They have never let us down-no leaks-enough said!

Do you have anything to add to this list?  Please share!

Happy Summer!


  1. I have the Zoku but haven’t used it yet…you can imagine why :) perhaps in a few months!

  2. I have the Zoku! Don't ask me why... hahaha you are welcome to come get it anytime! I dont use it very much!

  3. Liz, as long as you don't have the I Play swim diapers I won't worry about you too much.

    Erin, I will definitely be taking you up on that!